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Is it The Time to Change for YOU?

Career SearchIs life a constant struggle for you? If you answered yes, take a look at your career. Do you love going to work everyday or do you cringe just thinking about it? Has your career run its course and its time for a change? Before you start a new career search ask yourself, do you really know what your 'heart and soul' wants? Have you taken into consideration your lifestyle,your likes and dislikes, personality traits? Are you a good entrepreneur candidate? Can you transform your life purpose into an exciting, new career that will change your life?

Americans typically spend less then 3 hours deciding on their future career once in college; less time then most spend choosing a new car. Our career affects every other aspect of our life and especially our general happiness and contentment. Why not give your career the time and energy it deserves!

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The Time to Change

What to do first?

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Finding your ideal career is only part of it. At Truefocus, we'll help you create a personal foundation of strength and self esteem with our Self Mastery Program. Before you begin your new career search, allow us to help you identify barriers that could be limiting your life and success. We'll show you have to rewrite your tribal beliefs, transmute fear into action, how to change your perception immediately, tools for you to master 'success'.

At "Truefocus", we'll help you
discover your life purpose, transmute that purpose into your ideal career, and help initiate your career search. Our coaches work with you to identify limiting beliefs or other barriers to success in a very supportive and non-judgmental environment.

“Become an alchemist!” Echart Tolle, the brilliant author of “Power of Now”, recommends we become alchemists and transmute our challenges into knowledge, our bad luck into good, our pseudo-failure into glorious experience and freedom from labels. Wouldn’t this set free all the energy we expend feeling sorry for ourselves in a ‘victim’ mentality?

YES, it would.

How can I make this happen?
  • By Uncovering and Addressing Your Fears
  • By Feeding and Exercising your Mind
  • By Silencing your Ego but Understanding It
  • By Changing Your Belief System
  • By Identifying Limiting Habits and Behaviors
  • AND By Empowering Yourself with Knowledge & Support while listening to Your Heart.

The Certified Counselors and Coaches at The Time to Change will support you in your career search by first uncovering your life purpose and true ‘self'. They will also support you in defining your goals, identifying beliefs that hinder your success, and help you create new values and beliefs on your path to success and happiness.

I the last twenty years or so, we've experienced an incredible growth in universal consciousness around the world. Those who are ‘sensitives’ and pick up on the slightest changes in energy around them, understand and accept the paradigm shift in the ‘collective consciousness’ and the accompanying power it brings to both individuals and societies as a whole.

In addition, numerous spiritual leaders have surfaced to share important knowledge, paving the way for The Time to Change Coaches to utilize this knowledge in their Career Search programs and Business Courses.

At The Time to change, we take your Career and
Career Search seriously

Until we have changed old beliefs, self defeating patterns and unproductive habits, we cannot expect to achieve success. Closed minded beliefs, religious dogma, superstition and prejudice are passed on to us during childhood from parents, teachers, church, television, radio and many, many other sources that we have little opportunity to create our own. Think about it. Are your beliefs, prejudices, values and philosophy all your creation? Or were they introduced to you by others? Have you felt like you have failed at a something; maybe a project or relationship, maybe your career?

If you answered yes to this question
Then someone other than you has influenced your thinking.
It’s as simple as that.

WHY? Because there is no such thing as failing, at anything. It's just a word. You have the power to assign it any meaning you want to. And no one, NO ONE has the power over what you decide to do.

Career SearchBut like many things, we allow others to affect what we think and how we feel and often, we have an automatic learned response. So, once we identify what those beliefs, superstitions, prejudices are, we unlearn them. We let them go. Once we start living by being true to our self, events fall into place for us. We'll continue to have challenges that will guide us into making healthy changes to our belief system.

Contact us at info@thetimetochange.com or sign up for our Career Search Newsletter for the latest information on Career Search courses and services. You can also ask us to contact you by phone. We are happy to support you during this exciting journey of finding success and happiness.

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